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All I want for Christmas

Is this newly published book…….and I got it!

“Last season a Stockport team, which in turns is inspired, petrified and tickled pink by the little man with the funny accent, at last made soccer sit up and take notice by climbing out of the Fourth Division where they had wallowed for over 20 years. That in itself was testament to Bergara’s passion and commitment to a game that he cheerfully admits dominates his life 24 hours a day. But if lifting County out of the bargain basement was a monumental feat, what he has created since has been well-nigh unbelievable.” [Manchester Evening News, 1992]

The diminutive Uruguayan remains in our hearts – and now has a Stand named after him at EP.  He still remains responsible for one of my favourite quotes: Danny Bergara (R.I.P) when asked about Jim Gannon by another Manager……”I hear he’s a bit volatile”.  Danny’s reply: “Oh yes, very volatile, he can play anywhere”.

Buy your copy of The Man From Uruguay.

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