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Money for old rope?

It has been brought to my attention, the professional fees that the administrator to Glasgow Rangers FC has accrued to date. Duff and Phelps, has confirmed that it has already received £2.4M.  This for the first stint of six-months’ appointment at the original club, “Rangers”. 

Apparently, its’ original quotation was in excess of this but requoted along with a variance to the original brief.  We understand that it is now asking creditors to approve a further payment of £363K for work carried out between June 30 and August 10 2012.
Should Duff and Phelps secure approval, it would mean the London-based firm had been paid a total of £2.7M for the six-months.  I wish I had more time to do an analysis of fees vis-à-vis size of club, amount of creditors and debts.  No surprise firms chase this sort of work.

Messy house

The latest Begbies Traynor report on football’s well-being states that:

“Of 68 teams surveyed in the Divisions [Championship, 1 and 2], 13 have signs of distress such as serious court actions against them, including winding-up petitions, late filing of accounts and “serious” negative balances on their balance sheets. That 19% compares to just 1% in the wider economy”.

When will they learn?  The Firm has been Administrator at several clubs that I’ve personally had involvement with: Chester and Huddersfield.  Plus others such as: Lincoln City, Northwich Victoria, Wrexham, Farnborough, Crawley, Scarborough, Bournemouth, Halifax, Southampton and Port Vale.

From a purely selfish perspective this keeps us in business, but how many times do we need to ask when will football get its own house in order?

The survey measures the financial distress of clubs according to problems including serious court actions against them and big negative balances on their balance sheet.

Dead as a Darlo?

Variation on the ‘dodo’ theme, but let’s hope extinction isn’t just around the corner.

Whilst, one club, Weymouth, gets a firmer footing and will revert back to full-time status after a torrid time, poor Darlington lurch from crisis to crisis.  I have feared the same fortunes for my beloved County.

Darlington could cease to trade this week, unless a new owner is forthcoming, according to administrator, Harvey Madden.  White knights are not as prevalent these days!  Darlo are in administration now for the third time in recent years.  The Administrator comments: “Things are still dire. We have not had any definite interest. We have seen a hell of a lot of people interested in the last week. No one has taken it a step further and quite a few have withdrawn. Without money, the club will not survive. I will have to make decisions by the end of the week and assess it.” Deja vu – Stockport County?

Reign in Spain

Over in continental Europe, Spain’s Government has taken a significant step to outlaw a previous, controversial law which allowed clubs that were strapped for cash to avoid relegation by going into administration.  I’m sure Barry Hearn wouldn’t have liked this law much! 

Racing Santander was the last club to seek protection from creditors under the former law, in the summer.  Others that have taken this unfair advantage have included big brands such as two of the ‘Reals’: Mallorca and Zaragoza (a member of my family is on the management team there).   I can’t help but smile here, thinking of the Turks use of ‘Real’ in an attempt to avoid passing-off and copyright (aka ‘Real’ Koç).  Players and the indigenous Trade Union have applauded this move, said to be a key reason for the stand-off and strike pre-season at La Liga.  The dispute between Spanish footballers and the Professional League has just been rectified with players finally agreeing to call off strike action.   The players apparently account for a liability of some 50 Million Euros from clubs using the Law to not fulfil financial obligations, amongst other reasons.  “This reform will prevent the undesirable use and abuse of certain instruments of the bankruptcy law and ensure stability and equality in sports competitions” – the Government has commented, according to Reuters News Agency.

 Twenty-one clubs in Spain were either in administration, recently exited or in the process of applying. So it’s officially an epidemic?  A tightening up of laws can only help create that ‘level playing field’!