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Fans United

Supporters of leading Turkish Clubs in Istanbul are uniting against terrorism.  Follow the #hashtag to see what activities are being undertaken and any results achieved.  Is there scope for similar in the UK? See: #Terörekarşıbirlikteyiz

Greek Giants

I watched Olympiakos FC’s fans hanging banners and scarves on the main gate at Anfield this Week.  Purely, a photograph opportunity before travelling the M62 to the ‘Theatre of Dreams” (home to Manchester United FC).  It made me wonder if any attention had been given to the fact that both Galatasaray (Turkey) and Olympiakos (Greece) had entered our little Island for European fixtures this same week?

I’m only guessing there must have been some rivalry over the years between these big teams of sometimes opposing Nations.  Certainly, in basketball a recent fixture kicked off – after an angry, reaction by a Brit.

Football rivalry abounds worldwide. In Greece, “Olympiakos v Panathinaikos – As well as the political tension between the two sides, Olympiakos are regarded as a working-class club, and Panathinaikos are billed as eternal enemies with feuds existing across Athens as well as on the pitch”. 

Well I’ll need to learn more about any protocol both in Turkey-Greece relations; but also across the City of Athens.  I have just been appointed Global Associate for Panathinaikos FC.  The role particularly applies to Turkey and United Kingdom where I will be responsible for assisting the Club in strategic marketing and especially securing new sponsorship partnerships with significant corporates.  Panathinaikos FC is a Greek Club based in Athens. Founded in 1908, it plays in the Super League Greece and is one of the oldest and most successful teams in Greek football. It has won 20 Greek Championships and 17 Greek Cups and is the best Greek club in terms of achievements in European competitions.

Cim Bom Call

Not a five-year, nor ten-year plan – the time is NOW for a Euro League exclaims the Chief of Galatasaray Football Club, know affectionately as “Cim Bom”.

Unal Aysal, President of the Turkish Giant hopes for a 20 strong League in 2018, to replace the current Champions League format.  He goes on to say: “It’s the future of football. It has to be created, and not in 10 years, but as soon as possible.  Football is a great industry, a growing industry. A European super league would bring a lot of support and energize football in general. I think it would be 20 big teams, with three to five teams changing every year. It can be fixed in a way to be useful to European football and bring new horizons by football. It can be controlled by UEFA or the clubs, preferably by the clubs.”

The European Club Association and UEFA naturally resisted any attempt to give the Turk’s lone voice any credence – giving the party line that a Euro League is already in place, “the Champions League”. Purely rhetoric, or a PR stunt, who knows? Aysal says that financial backers and sponsors are queuing up but anybody can say that. Show me the money or commitment from the other clubs to this proposition.

Who makes the cut off will be interesting. Naturally, Cim Bom expects to be there. Celtic is one such club that would be anxious to continue to gain a share of the European purse having banked circa £22M last year. Real Madrid, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are allegedly plotting.

The proposed timeline synchronises with the expiry of the memorandum of understanding between UEFA and the European Clubs Association, a framework for European club and international football, which runs to the end of May 2018.

Watch it…..

Use of social media remains under the watchful eyes of consultants and employees in the football industry.  However you feel, it has merits and can be a vital part of the mix of marketing communications.  Of course, there are some like our very own Ryan McKnight that could equally highlight where such tools have been detrimental as have former managers like David Jones who I’m led to believe detested online fans forums and banned players from viewing.

FC Business (and Aaron Syed Jaffery) has recently presented some interesting findings.  I comment on those of interest to my activities in UK and Turkey.  Like any other form of strategy, measurement is critical to assess ROI.  I was intrigued to learn myself, that one client (a major Champions League player in Europe) had three countries above its own with more social media followers!  Attracting ‘Followers’ is not enough and that outlook merely represents vanity or an additional channel of communication.  Activation requires more calls to action and tangible results justifying any investment and assessment.

From a selective sample some interesting findings:

–  Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are top three Facebook numbers with Liverpool a close fourth.  Though recent recruits at Manchester City with social media expertise suggest it will climb in this table also.  Crystal Palace is at the foot.

–  On Twitter, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have top spots with far lower numbers (e.g.  first position Facebook 33M; Twitter 2M).

– Looking across mainland Europe top three FC Barcelona, Real Madrid then Manchester United.  Galatasaray are in fifth though.

– Galatasaray reach third in Twitter however, with 2.7M followers.

Seems appropriate to finish these musings with my Son’s picture sitting on Fatih Terim’s lap in the dugout at Shrewsbury Town as I get starred at for wearing the new County away kit (which apparently resembles a recent Fenerbache away one!).  Watch this space the creativity for social media and tools have no boundaries.