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Off the radar

I’ve witnessed many a professional football club, diversifying activities in a desire to seek additional income streams ‘into the coffers’.  Well the latest certainly wasn’t expected.

Turkish Süper Lig Club, Trabazonspor, has come up with an idea to become involved in a hydro electric power station.  This might help address compliance with UEFA Fair Play rules.  Trabzonspor’s reaction to these new restrictions is a government-approved 28 MW hydroelectricity plant planned for Trabzon, Northeastern Turkey.

Sadri Sener, Chairman at the Club has said that it needs a guaranteed source of income, and that the local conditions for hydro power are ideal in the mountainous hinterland, which has a plentiful supply of rainwater. 

Other sources of energy considerations are prospering in stadia developments we have been involved with including, wind, rain water harvesting, solar panels and ground pumps.  A changing face of football as alternative revenue is sought.  Why not?


In the 83rd minute…….

Stockport County FC is an English football club based in Cheshire.  The Club was formed in 1883.  So where am I going with this?

There’s more than an occassional reference to Turkey in my blogging, though don’t think for one minute that this is divorced in anyway from a connection with football. Well there’s another story.

What are the first images that are conjured up by a reference to ‘communal fan celebrations’ on a matchday. The ‘poznan’ now symbolises Manchester City after mimicking the trade mark of some Poles. Bouncing ‘boing boing baggies’ watching West Bromwich Albion. Derby County doing the ‘conga’ when 4-0 down at Cardiff City. These are just a few. Why not post your own comment about those that come to mind?

One of the clubs that I’m helping is FC United. They promote a 90:90 protocol. That is 90% of the supporters, sing for 90% of the match.

Trabazonspor (ex-club of striker, Kevin Campbell) in Turkey, celebrates every match on 61 minutes. There is a frenzy, irrespective of the scoreline where the fans just go mad in a tribal fashion. Something to behold – flares, chanting, streamers, animation, movement, nobody stands still etc etc. The 61 in this case relates to that region’s allocated code number. I just wonder if an English club might adopt this stance, not as a regional denomination but say a commemoration to the birth of the club that its supporters follow. Maybe “County” would dance to the 83rd minute in testimony to the history of this famous club (and perhaps a recognition as it tries to return to the Football League). I’ll leave you to ponder on this with a video clip of Trabazon’s fans in………….guess which minute!