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Leeds, Leeds, Leeds

The name repeated three times and justifiably so.  The Club, with recent events, offer a comedy three times the butt of humour of any other club possibly.  Just what is going on at this once famous Club?

A potential, new majority shareholder (circa 75%), Italian in origin,  may have had a role in suggesting one of their nationals sit alongside then Manager, Brian McDermott.  Constructive dismissal and certainly undermining authority in my book.  Then McDermott is announced as having left the Club 24 hours before kick-off against Huddersfield Town. I’m guessing the mid-week article in which he spoke about the need for the right investors didn’t do him any favours.  “Leeds must be owned ‘by right people’ says in-limbo McDermott” read the headline in the Yorkshire Post.

Far be it for me to suggest the Management should be censored.  The Harry Hill lookalike, despite recent results, appears to have the fans onside.  They chanted his name for the 90 minutes. Did he pick the Team – who knows? In the morning of the game, SKY Sports reported two different people picked two different teams.  One, McDermott’s assistant, Nigel Gibbs and one that same proposed bench-warming Italian.  The former took final control of the team orchestrating a 5-1 victory at ER.  The latter allegedly taking a seat in the Stand and recording player notes on pages with illustrations of each Leeds footballer.

Rumours suggest this Italian investor was the only suitor to come up with quick cash.  But there is more than a possibility that the new Investor(s) will be referred and have concerns to pass the ‘fit and proper’ person. I’m guessing “We are Leeds, Leeds, Leeds” will be whispered until the debacle ends!

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