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Red mist

A term often used in connection with someone ‘losing their head’ and an impulsive reaction (sometimes regretted).  In this case I use it in connection with the loss of 96 lives, never to be forgotten, 23 years ago in Hillsborough.  Also, a double meaning with the ‘mist’ of despair rising slightly as families of the deceased seek justice. 

How ever you look at the events and the recent findings there were a catalogue of errors that led to people dying.  I heard the guesstimates on how many lives could potentially have been saved with swifter reaction by medical and emergency services.  I am appalled to even recite again.  That evidence and witness statements were falsified and tampered with has to result in penalties for some – but what a ridiculous amount of time has passed since the actual events – and the saga is destined to continue. 

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Football fans lost their lives at a sporting event!

Off the radar

I’ve witnessed many a professional football club, diversifying activities in a desire to seek additional income streams ‘into the coffers’.  Well the latest certainly wasn’t expected.

Turkish Süper Lig Club, Trabazonspor, has come up with an idea to become involved in a hydro electric power station.  This might help address compliance with UEFA Fair Play rules.  Trabzonspor’s reaction to these new restrictions is a government-approved 28 MW hydroelectricity plant planned for Trabzon, Northeastern Turkey.

Sadri Sener, Chairman at the Club has said that it needs a guaranteed source of income, and that the local conditions for hydro power are ideal in the mountainous hinterland, which has a plentiful supply of rainwater. 

Other sources of energy considerations are prospering in stadia developments we have been involved with including, wind, rain water harvesting, solar panels and ground pumps.  A changing face of football as alternative revenue is sought.  Why not?


Money for old rope?

It has been brought to my attention, the professional fees that the administrator to Glasgow Rangers FC has accrued to date. Duff and Phelps, has confirmed that it has already received £2.4M.  This for the first stint of six-months’ appointment at the original club, “Rangers”. 

Apparently, its’ original quotation was in excess of this but requoted along with a variance to the original brief.  We understand that it is now asking creditors to approve a further payment of £363K for work carried out between June 30 and August 10 2012.
Should Duff and Phelps secure approval, it would mean the London-based firm had been paid a total of £2.7M for the six-months.  I wish I had more time to do an analysis of fees vis-à-vis size of club, amount of creditors and debts.  No surprise firms chase this sort of work.