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Christmas Cheer – Come On County

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is for YOU and your Family, Friends and Contacts to go to and click. PLEASE.

For every response @StAnnsHospice will get between 10 and 50 pence! x ‪#‎LOCT‬ A beneficiary that we have previously supported and worthwhile, local cause.  Come on County!


It looks like we will continue our support to a pioneering technology business from Media City in 2015.  Forget, the QR code, in fact don’t even refer to it in the same breath, the V-Code from VST Enterprises is destined to become a household name with blue chip early adopters to this application in fan engagement.

Brainchild, of Louis James Davis, the most endorsed drummer in the music industry and local lad – just take a peek at this video and then start to think how this gets translated into a sports and leisure setting.

It’s fascinating and exciting and only limited by a marketers creativity.  Picture this storyboard:

“Fan with scarf around neck on double decker holds mobile to building as approaching ground and V provides latest info on today’s match – Get off bus and mingle amongst fans approach gate to Club and V gives team line ups – See burger vans and catering V shows today’s special offer Buy One Get One Free shares with mate – Enters ground with V code instead of season ticket – Scan V near steward and get matchday programme – Scan V and half time couple of pints awaiting avoiding queue; Good first half – must buy ticket for FA Cup Match hold up V code in away end one click purchase – Flash latest discount offers for today in Club Shop only – Read programme and V on players kit gives all stats for that player and availability of related merchandise to that player – Half time pint browse affinity offers for supporters from associated companies and latest events in stadium (non-football) – Sponsors messages  shown via V – collect data for them; Final whistle – V-code shows all highlights on bus journey  home.  Inside ground, FD reads V-code analytics”.

Benefits to clubs and supporters:


  • the complete FAN EXPERIENCE
  • mobile and accessible
  • up to date at all times.


  • interaction UP
  • engagement UP
  • cross selling UP
  • matchday sales UP
  • on-selling UP
  • better analytics R.O.I sponsors.

Watch out for the first club to make waves with the vavavoom of V-Code.

It’s County!

Liking this story when an eBay, Charity auction was instigated with full expectation that one of the Manchester Giants might be highest bidder.  The deal, one that the winner could nominate this little person’s choice of football team to follow.  The actual top amount was from a County fan and we now have another supporter.  See earlier video below.

Some great publicity for the Club and a clear message portrayed that there is life outside the EPL!




Caught Offside

Parent Dish