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Helping NGBs build a blueprint for financial freedom

Brought to you by Sedulo, lead advisors to NGBs in sports nationwide.

Funding The Future of British Sport is a dynamic workshop day exploring the potential fundraising and sponsorship opportunities available to sporting National Governing Bodies.

Spend a day in collaboration with your fellow NGB counterparts, discussing ideas for financing your sport and reducing your dependence on traditional funding.

Our panel will engage an audience of NGB representatives in a discussion around funding the future of British sport, followed by a Q&A session.

The Afternoon will comprise of two in-depth discussions focused on Sponsorship and Alternative Financing led by the Panel chairs.


– Host Steve Hanley (Host and commercial sports consultant)

– John Brady (Development Manager and NGB lead)

– Max Eppel (Sports Finance expert)

– Dan Wilson (Sedulo’s Financial Advisor to NGBs and sports clientele)

– Richard Millington (Partner lawyer and NGB ‘shaper’ in recent workload)

– Adrian Stores (Sponsorship and funding consultant to NGBs).

If you have any contacts in governing bodies in sport, do feel free to invite. The booking link is at:


eBay #FootballFinance

What next #footballfinance Basingstoke FC up for sale on ebay

Though Seller has no history on ebay??? Oh hang on a minute, it’s just a publicity stunt!

Though why not I say.  I’m aware of all sorts of fundraising, many often not traditional, but as someone once said “unusual results can require unusual methods”.  And personally I’m all for it if both ethical and helps a Client secure its financial and fundraising targets.

Christmas Cheer – Come On County

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is for YOU and your Family, Friends and Contacts to go to and click. PLEASE.

For every response @StAnnsHospice will get between 10 and 50 pence! x ‪#‎LOCT‬ A beneficiary that we have previously supported and worthwhile, local cause.  Come on County!

Freezing Hot

‘Ice bucket challenge’.  We’ve all heard of it and what a simple concept to gain engagement amongst fans, secure momentum and viral penetration and assist a worthy cause in the meantime.  Initially, the  initiative was to benefit myotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) but latterly participants have chosen either this or an alternative closer to their hearts. Surely, there are methods in this madness that can apply in a sports of football setting.  I for one can see how the same ideology might help a team in crisis, or fundraising appeal.  It combines action, visuality, ‘pain’ (or theatrical undertaking), satisfaction on achievement  and most of all money.

Celebrities in the football weren’t slow to join in…and why not it’s infectious.  Below are a few that caught my attention – and yours truly took part of course not wanting to be left out!

Mesut Ozil

Lionel Messi

Jose Mourinho


Mario Balotelli

Steve O’Halloran

Arda Turan

Burak Yilmaz