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Wasps and Warriors in Crisis?

What is going on with Rugby?

More recent news in the Rugby Premiership is that Worcester are going through a financial crisis. Is this the start of a trend destined to hit more rugby clubs in Union and indeed League.

Due to the tough struggle of everyone in the last two years from the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise in the “cost of living” they have stated they had a large sum of tax liability to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

It is believed that Worcester’s tax bill now stands at around £6 Million.

However, Colin Goldring, Co-Chairman of the Club, has stated to an email to his employers “Any articles that we are in administration, or going into administration tonight, tomorrow, next week etc are all untrue”.

There is a takeover offer to rescue the Club’s future with American partners, but they ‘must be placed into immediate administration’ and this would leave the Club to be set back a 35-point penalty.

Wasps are also struggling with debt. They were expected to start the Season in arrears as they failed to pay a £35 Million retail bond. Due to this crisis we have been informed 11 players are leaving the Club and £1 Million worth of talent has been lost.

Also, it’s been said that Wasps could risk being sued by Coventry City Football Club after they were forced to postpone two matches due to pitch being unplayable.

Article researched and compiled by Kaya Stores.


We’re on our way, on our way, to the Football League, we’re on our way…….

Colours of County after 11 long years out!


Stockport Volleyball Club affectionally known as “the S’PORT”. But there is another nickname that has stuck on our brief journey of six years since formation. One, two, three……. “Bears”. We’ve adopted this as our sub-branding.

Where did it come from? Some of our previous NVL Men desired a new identity. Apparently, Stockport was too much of a mouthful to pronounce in ‘war cries’. Really? I wonder if it had more to do with the hairy demeanour of big personalities of the exs aka Dinger and Davidz? Anyway never one to look for a tie to our wonderful Town, here goes.

Those who know the area well or are of that age to recollect will know that the zone opposite the entrance to the Precinct and Merseyway was called the Bear Pit. Bear baiting was abolished in the 1830s, but prior to that bears were kept in large caves cut into the sandstone at the foot of High Bank Side. The Bear Pit in its present form was created in 1935 as part of the Mersey Square improvements. The River Mersey is culverted beneath it.

We also have local hostelries sharing the name including the Three Bears, in Hazel Grove. Not that our athletes attend such establishments!

Bears also gave Stockport national acclaim after a resident themed their house recently during lockdown, and gardens, with giant teddies. The idea to display bears in front windows was a way to entertain children on daily walks around the neighbourhood and was inspired by the children’s book ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt ‘ by UK author Michael Rosen.

So whether a grizzly or a cuddly cub, we have some resonance.

Our very own bear themed warm ups are proving popular and a nice edition to festive presents for players, supporters, loved ones, family or friends.


Unbelievable Jeff

Ehm, smug look on face. Did I get something right?