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Devon in UK

The S’PORT continues to attract talent from the volleyball community that can assist further with the development of our Club, still relatively in its infancy. This time we welcome Devon May, all the way from Vancouver, Canada. She has become an instant hit with our members of all ages and standards through her bubbly personality, knowledge and playing ability.

Nothing but versatile, analysing our elite women’s match for Coach Seb, joint training community adults with Coach Matt and today scoring in the NVL for Coach Rafa with our ever reliable, Mahesti.

Devon is a Head Coach for Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Programme in British Columbia. She is a phenomenal beach volleyball player – having represented Team Canada – but will join Stockport Women’s squad in the GMVA whilst staying in the UK.

Pork Pie Hat

The only ‘pork pies’ out there today were the Stockport squad. This analogy as our Men’s NVL were defeated by the team from the home of those pies, Melton Lions VC.

MOM for Stockport on scoresheet was Adam Mitchell, Libero (Chairman’s choice also). What went wrong? Easier and shorter to describe what went right. Old adage is “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

The opposition had 2.5 hours drive pre-match and arrived straight in to warm-up. Stockport were complacent and expected to win. Melton only brought 6 players and no fans. But the competitors came 4th last year in this new league in which we play and so were never going to be a push over.

A classic case of a team showing more will to win deserving of victory. Lesson for the day E.A.T.P.I.E

E= energy levels need to improve through fitness
A= attitude to winning is a prerequisite
T= teamwork. Train as team, play as team, be a team
P= perform with discipline expected of position and team tactics
I = improve. We must improve
E= enjoy. Team respect and camaraderie can win the day.

Final score:

NVL Match 02:

Stockport lose to Melton Lions 1-3:


Education needs revision

As I contemplate three offers for lecturing in 2018-19, I must confess to a slight air of disillusionment. Some universities are refocussing attention towards PhD and Research led teaching only. The scoring and feedback that I received both from students’ surveys and post-graduation testimonials confirmed the type of educational-DNA we possess, is that which both students want and equally importantly, what employers seek.

Whilst, research is essential, ‘navel gazing’ and focus on that alone is wrong in our experience. The DNA I refer to that I feel to be correct, is that which combines a lecturer with both robust academic qualifications, but also a ‘time served’ practitioner in the ‘university of life’.

The Recomendations that I have received on Linkedin confirm that which I am saying. There are added value, extra curriculum interventions which I have orchestrated that have motivated my students and got them jobs. Some universities market themselves in the way I advocate, but what ‘lies beneath’ isn’t consistent. Some undergraduate and post graduate teaching has staff that have never worked commercially in that sector to which they try to teach the next generation. There are a few universities, quasi-establishments and courses that are starting to appear. Only time will determine if the outcomes are focussed on employability or rather league tables.

In my honest opinion, universities need to refresh themselves and be the first to start revision. It somewhat calls for “Driving with a dashboard” aka Kuper & Szymanski (2012).

This is how it feels

In the name of a famous Inspiral Carpets song ‘ this is how it feels’…to be happy. I could not be more proud of our combined Stockport Volleyball and Frodsham Volleyball clubs. They rose to the challenge in a galant performance against a strong US/Canada squad.

Let’s put things in perspective. Never before had ‘Frodport’ (name conjured up by Jane) played together and on such a big court with official National Volleyball League Referee, Abdul. Our opposition as well as being older, train four times a week and had been playing for 4 years. We, in comparison, around 6 months to one year with occasional training.

NBC were a credit to their Organisation. The girls showed personality and dedication against clear ‘under dogs’. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that our young people can only benefit from. A big heart felt applause to each and every player. Culmimated by the clear , MVP, Ruby from Frodsham, handing a commemorative trophy to the victors Coach, Morgan.  Thank you to Life Leisure, all parents and our reliable volunteers, Matt, Seb and Tim. The final set allowed teams to be mixed up for a closer scoreline. Morgan completed with an inspirational chat and encouraging words for our beginners.