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Welcome to Manchester

With our very own connections and affinity to Turkey, we couldn’t but offer a warm welcome to the latest Turk to the City of Manchester. Manchester City has signed a young Turkish forward, aged 18, called Enes Unal.

Who? I might hear you say. Well a track record of prolific netting – Turkey u16s 24 goals in 25 games; and 170 in 102 matches in the Coca Cola Academy League means he certainly has the pedigree and an eye for goal! A little birdy has however tweeted recently that the visa may not be a formality.

I still get excited by Turkish imports to the beautiful game – and if Fenerbache gets the right result tonight they too might travel here with the latest familiar faces of RVP and Nani.

Financial Disparity

Republished, courtesy of the Halifax Courier:

“Halifax Town Chairman David Bosomworth believes non-league clubs are being given a raw deal by the football authorities in comparison to League Two teams.

Bosomworth is frustrated that clubs in the Conference receive less money than those in League Two, despite both being a national league. Conference clubs actually receive more money for winning their league, £75,000, than the winners of League Two, who only get £25,000. But League Two clubs are believed to receive around £650,000 from TV money and Premier League solidarity payments each year.

Conference Premier clubs, however, have reportedly been receiving £35,000 per season in solidarity payments from the Premier League. If a League Two game is broadcast live on TV, the home side are given £30,000 and the away side £10,000. Under the deal with BT Sport which expired this summer, for a Conference game, the home team got £7,000 and the away team £1,000.

“We’re in a national league,” said the Town Chairman. “Our first game was against Dover, we travelled to Torquay on a Tuesday night. “We did thousands of miles last season, which is exactly what a League Two club would be doing. “But they have almost £1m coming in through various grants and TV money. “We get an absolute pittance compared to that. “I would compare it to Halifax rugby club. “They could potentially earn something like £400,000 if they do really well this season – we’re on a tenth of that. “Our starting point is £40,000 and then you get some additional increments from sponsorship – it doesn’t cover our accommodation. “We have to have about 12 overnight stays in the season because you can’t have lads getting off a bus from a five hour six hour journey and go straight into a dressing room, put their kit on and go and play football. “You’ve got to be able to travel down. You can’t risk it with the motorways – one serious hold up and you’re not turning up for a game.”

Bosomworth admits the disparity is even greater at the elite level of the game, whose prosperity can still harm the finances of non-league clubs. He added: “If anyone looked at the non-league structure and the league structure, there is just so much money going in at the top. “Congratulations to everyone involved with that. “But they’ve got to recognise that the minute they did Monday night football it opened the floodgates. “Now it’s Friday night football, European football – it’s wall-to-wall.

“Nobody need move from the sofa in their living room, they can just stay at home in the warmth.””


We managed to get a fantastic offer for our clients and contacts, with the soon to be launched, ‘The Non-League’ magazine.  This working with former County, Commercial Manager, Phil Brennan

An estimated 20,000+ copies will be distributed throughout the North West football hierarchy and interested parties from August 2015 via clubs, online sales and selected retailers.

We’ve seen the first copy which looks great and for a massive reduction in cost compared with the rates card, we think this is well worth a punt. We have negotiated every option to become less than half price!

There is a superb team of writers and photographers who will provide articles and images from all aspects of our area’s football teams.  The first edition has been prepared and is astoundingly good with ‘household’ name celebrities and big name supporters!  .

With attendances on the up at the majority of our non-league grounds, with more and more football fans turning to their local club for their football fix, the hunger for more information about grass roots football increases and The Non-League will be looking to satisfy that need.

It will hopefully be a limited edition copy of what will become a household publication in the football industry. We wish a fellow Stockport business every success.