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Whilst the Stockport County Supporters Club and YTYT have in the past tried to position the ‘County’ offering, thought this video crystallized some of the proposition.  All about Grimsby Town but nothing fishy about this production.


Loads of famous Charlies and recollections of that dealer that approached me to sell stuff during my Caribbean honeymoon. Well here’s another one!

Football is often an example of positivity, as well as the more often reported ills. Fresh from an example of rival clubs respect and acknowledgement of the right way to behave – despite preparing for battle today – the Wrexham supporters are singled out for conducting a mutual applause pre-match against County in remembrance of a recently deceased life long Stockport supporter. An appreciated example of behaviour, where despite differences in opinion and loyalties, people did right.

Not for any comparative purpose, but a lead into commenting on this week’s atrocities across the Channel. I of course, refer to the raid and bloodshed in the shooting of the French cartoonists – now acknowledged by hashtag ‘Je suis Charlie’ (I am Charlie).

I do not make the mistake of saying that it is a Muslim or Islamic attack. The perpetrators may have followed that faith, but the actions are not those of rationale brethren. I have since reviewed the targeted publication and have to say the content is often raw and offensive. But such attacks in the name of religion are wrong and I feel if this being any attempt to curtail radical press or freedom of expression should be avoided at all costs.

As my Wife says, you don’t have to read it or if that upsets you so much then you can protest. But the resorting to criminal actions or terrorism are unforgivable. This message may not be heard in all quarters with fatwas instigated for any challenge or perceived derogatory remark against a religious character – revenge be they Biblical, Torah or  Koran.

Let us remember the victims and their nearest and dearest with reflection on a few images available on the web, where football has reflected on this French tragedy: