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County: Theatre for Family Dreams

Look at this fantastic blog post that summarises just why the ‘County family’ is a superior community offer to many of the EPL clubs. May be elite on the pitch but not always off it.

Stockport County Make Family Dreams Come True..


Stockport into Turkey

My own book explains many of the links that relate to this blog being mainly about UK and Turkey.  I still recall also my father-in-law and brother-in-law’s first trip to Edgeley Park when the then Commercial Director, Steve Bellis, orchestrated a rousing chorus of “Turkey, Turkey, Turkey”  in the hospitality suite, post-match, to show warmth and welcoming.  A story often recited by relatives in Turkey to this date.

The family remain committed to County and Bilen Kur writes for the leading football blog in the Country, which not surprisingly is called “scarf around my neck”.  Bilen is a Co-Director with me at FC Sports Marketing LTD. Talk SPORT has recognised our knowledge in this territory.

Steve has continued his foray into Turkey, though not to my extent obviously.  His latest venture is to take the hit reality TV show there with broadcasting on channel, TRT Spor.  We played a role in early introductions to selected football contacts to help his Kickworldwide evaluate the feasibility of selected commercial opportunities.  We remain able to work in partnership and collaborate on opportunities that might require our different skills.

The show, which is called ‘Futbol Prensi’ in Turkey, is conducting auditions in Konya, Kayseri, Erzurum, Trabzon, Samsun, Ankara, Gazientep, Adana, Antalya, Denizli, Izmir, Bursa, Sakarya, Istanbul and Diyabakir. The winner will be contracted to Liverpool FC.

Our next encounter is social and a trip to The Grange to watch an England match in the Euros.  Steve Bellis took the brand of Stockport County into China and created a profile the envy of many an English Premier League club.

Stark reality

When “County” went down, I recall someone saying that this was the best thing that could happen to us.  We’d just bounce back was the rhetoric.  I rubbished the suggestion, pointing out that the BSP read like a graveyard of former ‘League’ teams: York, Cambridge, Luton, Grimsby etc.  If we were to remain in that Division in Season one that would be a result in my opinion, after a free-falling demise and so many woes – consolidation had to be the name of the game.

Facing the on-going reality, relegation brings with it reduced income. There is an immediate loss of the £250,000 Premier League solidarity payment;  TV revenue and sponsorship £430,000 is halved for one year and then goes all together; youth development funding of £180,000 a year is halved for two years and then gets removed.

 It’s a significant contrast from the generous parachute payments clubs relegated from the Premiership receive for three years. 

All this explains why the Centre of Excellence in its current guise is not sustainable – and why innovative ticketing regimes need to be piloted such as ‘mad hatter prices’ to boost attendances for forthcoming seasons including attracting ‘new blood’ (the fans of tomorrow) and deriving supplementary in-stadia secondary spend.

Is Manchester winning?

I should have used the last blog photograph with this post as I’m banging on my drum again about the pitfalls associated with completely ignoring social media.  Naturally, I’m a convert but I’d like to think from a reasoned platform.

It seems to me ages ago since my colleague and brother-in-law, Bilen, wrote his thesis whilst completing his Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University.  It was titled: “The role of online communities in internet marketing: a study of three professional football clubs in the North West of England”.  Its compilation kindly assisted by the co-operation of three of my clients: Stockport County FC, Bury FC and Oldham Athletic FC.  I recall this subject, as still to this date some organisations are only just  awakening to the potential of its use in digital marketing strategies.

Some have said, Manchester is leading the way.  “United” is a key case study in Facebook Marketing’s intelligence.  “City” is on a pedestal with a selection of tactics scoring ‘early goals’ such as Flickr and Twitter.

We’ve had some great R.O.I (return on investment, not to be confused with Republic of Ireland) from social media.  I hope some of you are following me on Twitter and YouTube?  Or maybe Check In at my office on FourSquare (specials available!).  However you look at it, this social approach has merits and has to be considered.  There is no prescriptive solution but much best practice around.  Furthermore, when expanding into the use of  ‘social communities’ I buy in here also.  I think it was David Jones that wasn’t in favour of online fans forums – but you cannot be a serious marketer if you don’t embrace this methodology and communication channel.  It’s valuable in research, PR, polling perceptions and publicity.  Expect more from me on this subject at a later date.