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Use of social media remains under the watchful eyes of consultants and employees in the football industry.  However you feel, it has merits and can be a vital part of the mix of marketing communications.  Of course, there are some like our very own Ryan McKnight that could equally highlight where such tools have been detrimental as have former managers like David Jones who I’m led to believe detested online fans forums and banned players from viewing.

FC Business (and Aaron Syed Jaffery) has recently presented some interesting findings.  I comment on those of interest to my activities in UK and Turkey.  Like any other form of strategy, measurement is critical to assess ROI.  I was intrigued to learn myself, that one client (a major Champions League player in Europe) had three countries above its own with more social media followers!  Attracting ‘Followers’ is not enough and that outlook merely represents vanity or an additional channel of communication.  Activation requires more calls to action and tangible results justifying any investment and assessment.

From a selective sample some interesting findings:

–  Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are top three Facebook numbers with Liverpool a close fourth.  Though recent recruits at Manchester City with social media expertise suggest it will climb in this table also.  Crystal Palace is at the foot.

–  On Twitter, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have top spots with far lower numbers (e.g.  first position Facebook 33M; Twitter 2M).

– Looking across mainland Europe top three FC Barcelona, Real Madrid then Manchester United.  Galatasaray are in fifth though.

– Galatasaray reach third in Twitter however, with 2.7M followers.

Seems appropriate to finish these musings with my Son’s picture sitting on Fatih Terim’s lap in the dugout at Shrewsbury Town as I get starred at for wearing the new County away kit (which apparently resembles a recent Fenerbache away one!).  Watch this space the creativity for social media and tools have no boundaries.

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