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Healthy FC

Today launched the start of a ‘healthy eating campaign’ in Tameside using the football clubs of FC United of Manchester (FCUM) and Stalybridge Celtic FC.

I was able to secure the funding towards this initiative from The Community Club Development Fund.  This is a partnership between the Football Conference, the Premier League and the Professional Footballers’ Association.  Both the Premier League and the PFA have committed to contribute £400,000 each to the Fund in this its first year. The Scheme is designed to encourage member clubs develop their work in their local communities. 

It was a real joy to witness, Robin Pye – Community and Education Manager and  Karl Marginson – First Team Manager (note the First Team Manager!) educating the Year 4 pupils with such enthusiasm and skill.  As was the purpose, the children learned valuable lessons on healthy eating (it was notable early on  just how well they could recite the Domino’s menu on mentioning the pizza food type!). 

Anyone interested to know more can see: but from my perspective it was pleasing to see something I got funded being delivered and witness FCUM doing it well as they so often do.

Spoonful of Sugar

BBC’s coverage of football titled “Lord Sugar Tackles Football” was aired last night.  You can get a repeat performance on the BBC iPlayer (though apparently it doesn’t work worldwide).

I missed it ‘live’ but caught the repeat performance.  Must say that I felt the programme to be somewhat academic.  It emphasised basics of running a business which we all know have been ignored by many a football club.  Furthermore, it came across as a TV production made for entertainment without any real delving or investigative stuff – just headline stories and stats.  The simple facts of ‘financially keeping ones house in order’ was once communicated accurately at a Stockport County FC fans forum (post mortem) by a member of the Parfett’s family. It’s like a former colleague said to me, “Adrian, the problem with common sense is that it just isn’t common”.

One thing clearly apparent is the game has moved on, becoming a complex maze of commercial forecasting and debts accelerated, since Lord Sugar’s time as Owner of Tottenham Hotspur FC.  Lord Sugar sold his majority stake at Tottenham to ENIC (leisure group) for £47 Million.  He has described his time at that club as “a waste of my life”.

We were reminded of the £800M purchase by Glazer’s of Manchester United FC, with “extreme borrowings”.  Long live FCUM.

Surprised that Harry Redknapp said he didn’t know the wages of any players at his club. Karen Brady was an articulate contributor to the show and I always thought her to be a plausible candidate for a top job at the Football Association.

Ooh aah Cantona

I must say that I felt somewhat in the celebrity hall of fame when the write up of my activities involving Turkish football were mentioned alongside the great, Eric Cantona (not to confused with his brother, Joel Cantona, who had a spell at Stockport County).

This featured in May’s edition of “Four Four Two” magazine, which covered FC Sports Marketing’s first international football conference in Istanbul last month.

I visited Turkey with my Client, FC United of Manchester.

My only previous rendezvous with the French was a BBQ with David Ginola!