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Furloughed brow

It’s become a topical issue, so thought I’d add my pennies worth. I refer to the ‘should they-shouldn’t they’ debate, surrounding whether professional football should furlough employees, thus taking advantage of the up to £2,500 incentives per person.

I have just listened to former club-owner, Simon Jordan, on TalkSport, slatting the sport for taking the the Government handout, arguing such a stance was almost unethical or immoral given their traditionally cash rich industry. I personally look at it from a business perspective and say that running a business is running a business, so decisions are taken around what has most beneficial commercial returns for any enterprise including survival. That is not to say that it would be unappreciated if these same EPL clubs might make donations or CSR payments to help fight this covid 19 pandemic. I say EPL, in that apparently some clubs, lower down the pyramid, now find themselves in so-called intensive care with matches and cashflow having dried-up.

This debating stance is separate from discussions around whether footballers should take paycuts. I’m with Gary Lineker on this. Footballers are an easy target due to the profile and popularity of the sector. There are other industrial sectors and leaders that perhaps should be targeted before this game, in order of priority. Pay reduction is a matter for individual clubs and players. Of course, those that can afford to lead by example will be recognised by their actions at this time of crisis. I understand Manchester United have agreed to 30% reductions under squad stewardship of Captain, Harry Maguire.

A political hot potato and people will have differing viewpoints. These are financial debating points, yet I seek to end with repetition of actions that apply to everyone. #staysafe #stayathome #protectourNHS 💙💙💙


Adrian Stores is CEO of ACROBAT FCSM, a sub-contract commercial resource available to sports clubs nationwide and globally; and FA Registered Intermediary at Ballon Sports Agency.


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