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Cheesy but no doubt similarities to headlines in the ‘Red Tops’ as soon as the deal is done. It shouldn’t need translating but a play on words with incoming manager, Jurgen and the famous Anfield Kop.

I’ve put forward my opinion that Ancelotti might be a safer bet, with his track record in Europe and knowing the EPL, but that’s from an armchair EPL follower – and fan of none in that League.

Did I see Klopp in Manchester today? I think not but it’s amazing what that bright yellow of BVB and a hairy chin symbolizes. Maybe there’s a Klopp Minion on the way?

I listened today to Dietmar Hamann on TalkSport. I find his pitch somewhat akin to Jimmy Cranky with a Deutsch twang. Is it just me or is his tone as motivational as a lettuce. Supposed I’m scarred, not by Germans, with many a good friend and colleague from that Country – and lessons to be learned from the fatherland. But, because as Wiki states: “On 5 July 2011, Hamann was appointed as the new manager of newly relegated Conference Premier club Stockport County, replacing Ray Mathias. His appointment was made after businessman Tony Evans headed a consortium proposing taking over the Club. Hamann resigned as Stockport County boss on 7 November 2011, citing the failure of the proposed takeover by Tony Evans to materialise; his team were languishing in 17th place having taken only three wins from his nineteen league games in charge.” A tangled web.

Is Dietmar hoping for a recall to the background coaching staff at Liverpool or is he sitting comfortably in the media room these days. If the former, maybe ‘Clumsy Klott’ would be more appropriate headline?

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