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FA clowns

Tonight’s news says that the majority of pundits feel that the FA was right on their stance to deal with Fabio Capello in the way they did. I’ll not get into the John Terry racist allegation – as I would be commenting without an appreciation of evidence for or against (though of course, any form of racism is wrong).

The reason I suggest ‘clowning’ is in response to a question of whether it is the FA’s right to decide on removing a Captain (before his trial concludes) and without any consultation with the Manager.  In my mind, the answer is no and if anyone did so in any other walk of life wouldn’t there be a case for constructive dismissal.  The definition is: “If you resign from your job because of your employer’s behaviour, it may be considered to be constructive dismissal.”  Doesn’t Fabio have a legal background – could this be his next step?  I’ve not heard anyone else predict that this could be the following episode in this debacle.

The usual suspects come out of the woodwork to air their opinions.  Brian Barwick, yawn yawn.  England players tweet their gratitude to the Italian – some possibly eyeing up future transfers if he were to remain in the game and pop up elsewhere? A replacement suggested for this top coaching position is Guus Hiddink. What?  Do I think the Turkish FA would give a glowing reference – I think not.

I think it’s a Harry Redknapp appointment – though personally I might be inclined to shortlist Martin O’Neill on capability.  But maybe to satisfy the FA the puppet pictured would be an ideal choice?

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