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Turkey ban has legs


Just feel the need to “talk Turkey” today, as not been reporting much on happenings in that Country in this Blog.  As if by magic, a scandal unfolds, in no small way – as only the Turks can!  How often does Baba look at me with that expression when I ask why something has happened with the phrase “burası Türkiye”.

I am referring to the massive corruption that has been found to have legs.  Last week saw the arrests of three Club’s Presidents, Fenerbache’s being the highest profile. In addition, more than sixty others from the profession were targeted under allegations of match-fixing. Fenerbache has since put out a statement pleading innocence.

The investigation continues and is also looking at the decisive league game last season in which Fenerbahce secured their 18th title of the Turkish Süper Lig with the victory over Sivasspor.  In connection with this match Sivasspor’s goalkeeper has been taken into custody.  The whole scam includes looking into players and managers. 

Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, himself a dedicated supporter of Fenerbahce has said “it is a decision of the judiciary and police”.  Talk about stating the obvious.

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has said it would be following the investigations closely (I recently shared a stage with them). This story clearly will run and run.

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