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Something about Mary

Stockport County Wembley

The Acting Chair of Stockport County is getting more attention.  For a high profile position, when the football club has plunged out of the Football League, this could be expected.  Yet the attention is not just raised media profile but alleged death threats.  In no circumstances should a prominent official be subject to such vitriol.  As fans – calling for a perhaps perceived incompetent or unwanted official in any setting might be acceptable – but threats on a person’s life is a NO.  Nowhere is this more in focus than the actions against Celtic’s Manager, Neil Lennon – it has been suggested through some sectarian divide with their Glasgow counterparts or a person of a different political persuasion.

Only time will see if Mary remains in post.  Social media appears of ‘one voice’ at present.  Stockport Vital Football has the headline “Mary takes centre stage….again”.  A more independent source is the Stockport Express, even if we are referred to as “StoickportCounty”!

I’m sure the Acting Chair will consider her appointment as a baptism of fire in professional football after replacing the previous Chairman, Alwin Thompson around the time of departure of the team’s Manager, Paul Simpson.  Incidentally, Mr Thompson was introduced to an involvement with “County” by me.

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