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Off the radar

I’ve witnessed many a professional football club, diversifying activities in a desire to seek additional income streams ‘into the coffers’.  Well the latest certainly wasn’t expected.

Turkish Süper Lig Club, Trabazonspor, has come up with an idea to become involved in a hydro electric power station.  This might help address compliance with UEFA Fair Play rules.  Trabzonspor’s reaction to these new restrictions is a government-approved 28 MW hydroelectricity plant planned for Trabzon, Northeastern Turkey.

Sadri Sener, Chairman at the Club has said that it needs a guaranteed source of income, and that the local conditions for hydro power are ideal in the mountainous hinterland, which has a plentiful supply of rainwater. 

Other sources of energy considerations are prospering in stadia developments we have been involved with including, wind, rain water harvesting, solar panels and ground pumps.  A changing face of football as alternative revenue is sought.  Why not?


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