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German pointer

It was after all my first ever dog! The ‘huns’ as former generations might have referred – but I prefer our German counterparts in Europe, are destined to battle out for the Champions League trophy at Wembley.  The issue I want to highlight is not the more common debate contrasting our Country and Deutschland of standing for spectators, club ownership and balanced finances – but that of ticket prices.

Talk Sport broadcast today a Season Ticket at Tottenham for £800+ for 2013/14 whilst Dortmund’s equivalent is an alleged £100. Okay so the German market is not one I’ve analysed but this significant variation – with the greater financial viability of that Country’s game does suggest there is something we might learn – and indeed others including Spain.

Uli Hoeness, President of Bayern Munich, Dortmund’s opposition in the Final, said when asked:  “why the Club didn’t have higher ticket prices, like they do in England”  he replied “We do not think the fans are like cows to be milked. Football has got to be for everybody. That’s the biggest difference between us and England.”

Clear Blue Skies Over Edgeley

… But Cloud Over Football

Today heralded Port Vale Football Club entering Administration – a status, all too familiar to fans of Stockport County.  This is the 92nd insolvency in the top five divisions of English football since 1992. The equivalent of the entire top-four divisions of English professional football!

The Football Authorities have also just released their joint response to the recommendations of the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee Inquiry and the Government’s input on improving the regulation and governance of English football. At this stage, Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative seeks to emphasise that the proposals are not what we were hoping for. Although they have proposed the introduction of a licensing system, in our view, this stage of the reform process only addresses the ‘principle of licensing’ and thus, doesn’t go far enough.

We endorse the opinions of Supporters Direct and its proposals on this matter, including a clear proposal for supporter-engagement through supporters’ trusts. Stockport County Supporters Co-operative is part of a wider movement of organisations, under this umbrella body, established by supporters of football clubs now stretching not just across England, or the UK, but also across Europe. Ashley Simpson, Chair at the Co-operative commented: “If the substantive issues are not addressed, we fully expect the current trend of insolvencies and financial strife affecting football to continue.”

Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative and Supporters’ Direct welcomes proposals in the football industry that can help supporters’ trusts to increase their influence in club governance and ownership.

This is a press release that I prepared for the Co-operative. The full stance on governance from Supporters Direct is available at:

Barcode fans

Clever use of technology but not nice!  Have to applaud the innovatory concept of using a QR code to brandish insults at the opposition’s fans though.  This is exactly what happened when Karsiyaka taunted arch rivals Gozteppe. 

At the risk of offending, the message was akin to the referee’s parenthood being questioned, with a translation by me, of one set of supporters being the offspring of a prostitute.  Other football blog sites suggest a close alternative interpretation.

I have been involved in the use of QR codes but for sensible, non-inflammatory marketing tactics.  

But this has given me an idea?  Which club over here will mimic the use of QR codes first?

How do we stop it exploding into abusive communications – guess every steward needs a smartphone with scanning app!

Friday night

How I enjoyed last night’s football.  Plus a tipple in Ye Olde Vic and Our Lady’s as pre-match warm-up and post-match contemplation. A combination of a draw against fellow ‘Hatters’ Luton Town after trailing, and a return to Friday Night Football. 

I used to query with former marketing/commercial regimes at County whether they had undertaken any analysis to determine whether Fridays or Saturdays were best financially for the Club.  Must admit never got a reasoned response.  Naturally, there are pros and cons of the day we play, but for people like me with young children, I can enjoy my beloved County and have two full days uninterrupted for other pastimes that they might choose to pursue each weekend.  For some reason the entire family don’t necessarily want to visit EP every week.

I was brought up on a diet of Friday Night Football.  I seem to recall others like Tranmere Rovers FC and Southend United FC did similar.  I understand discussions have been held with a view to moving some Scottish Football League games to Friday evenings.  Ligue 1 in France will be scheduled in the same way under the terms of the French top flight’s television deal commencing 2012 – 13.  The Australian Football League (‘Aussie Rules’) promote matches on that night in conjunction with the Seven Network and remain convinced it is an optimum fixture for publicity and income.  Does anyone know any lower league clubs that have adopted Fridays and launched promotional tactics to entice supporters of other clubs successfully that are playing the day after?