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County: Theatre for Family Dreams

Look at this fantastic blog post that summarises just why the ‘County family’ is a superior community offer to many of the EPL clubs. May be elite on the pitch but not always off it.

Stockport County Make Family Dreams Come True..

It’s County!

Liking this story when an eBay, Charity auction was instigated with full expectation that one of the Manchester Giants might be highest bidder.  The deal, one that the winner could nominate this little person’s choice of football team to follow.  The actual top amount was from a County fan and we now have another supporter.  See earlier video below.

Some great publicity for the Club and a clear message portrayed that there is life outside the EPL!




Caught Offside

Parent Dish 

What if I don’t make it?

A headline pertinent to the many youngsters that aspire to be pros but fall out of the academies at EPL Clubs (or below) and then seek alternative career destinations.  Well this time it’s a warmer news story, as this post seeks to make our followers aware of a new publication prepared by former Stockport County, Marketing Manager, Phil Brennan.

His first book was a winner and previously highlighted in this Blog.  This second in the portfolio of RoseMartin Publications has a novel appeal around the festive period or towards end-Season, when rewards and praise might be forthcoming.  The end-product is self-published, which we know a little about aka “B&B” and “Get those sheep off the pitch”.  Well, here’s the full story to whet your appetite.  Why not mention to prospective clubs or partners – and help a fellow County fan out in the process?

“RoseMartin Publications was originally set up in 2013 to allow the publication of the biography of Danny Bergara ‘The Man from Uruguay’.  More recently the new children’s book ‘What if I don’t make it?’ has been published. It tells the tale of a little boy who wants to be a footballer but is hindered by his inability to play the beautiful game. The book takes us through his growth as a player via a series of poor ‘coaches’ before finding his perfect teacher.  The book is unique in that it can be tailored to be about a boy or a girl, it can also be tailored to feature any football club, from grassroots through to the top club teams in the World.

Having copyrighted the package (characters, idea and content) RoseMartin intend to contact football clubs at all levels with the hope that the book will be made available to supporters and players from each and every club.  It can be tailored to each club both in colour and to include the club crest, making it both a nice souvenir and teaching implement.”

The publication is the brainchild of Phil Brennan and Rob Purdon who are both FA qualified coaches and who between them have well over 25 years experience of coaching junior football teams. Both became involved in coaching after their respective sons became interested in playing football and soon became aware that their children were not receiving the type of teaching that they would expect.

The two began working together at Stockport County when Rob joined the Club from Blackpool FC and due to their mutual love of coaching became firm friends. Phil had written several football poems regarding his experiences during his years coaching and, having seen some of his artwork, asked Rob if he fancied putting some drawings to the stories.

Their first collaboration is “What if I don’t make it?” and having spoken to several clubs already at junior level, the book has been well accepted within the coaching fraternity, with several orders already received.

Phil and Rob would welcome the opportunity to speak to clubs/coaches on a face to face basis when a sample of the book will be made available along with an explanation as to how it can be tailored to each individual club.  For further information please feel free to contact Phil on or


Starting a post with have you seen #COC could lead to all sorts of innuendo.  I was simply trying to think which hashtag my beloved County might use on its leisure shirts,  if we were to mirror those seen at Turf Moor (home of Burnley FC) today.  They proudly showed off #UTC which I can only surmise is for ‘Up the Clarets?’.  So I thought we’d have to apply #COC, #IOC (not to be confused with International Olympic Committee) or #SMFW.  I’m hoping all County followers who read this blog appreciate these abbreviations?  Or if un-inventive simply #COUNTY.

Anyway this preamble only leads to my addressing the point that, how time changes fortunes? The old rivals return to the EPL whilst we languish in regional football at Tier 6.  Similarly, as recent dealings with our commercial department has been pants – Burnley react in an all much more professional manner.

The Club Shop is well stocked with all sorts of imaginative and quality merchandise.  Not typical tat but something for all pockets.  Today the creative subbuteo players on T-shirts mocking their arch-enemy Blackburn Rovers tickled me.  The staff was friendly – even with a stranger taking photos to share with the Rovers fraternity on Twitter who naturally I have more affinity with having sponsored Tugay all those years before.

My rambling around Turf Moor today was for #ExpoNorthWest but I am proud to have been enlisted as an Associate Lecture to University College of Football Business (UCFB) that is located in the Ground.  This sharing my knowledge on commercial marketing and emerging markets to both undergraduates and visiting delegations. Yes, the Club even has its own University – an entrepreneurial development with venues in Burnley and Wembley.

So a return to the Premier and its associated riches surely means a widening of the gap – yet only the delusional County faithful would say we are on a par with that Club on or off the pitch.  But don’t worry the only claret I’ll ever follow is #COC (Come on county!)