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Welcome to Manchester

With our very own connections and affinity to Turkey, we couldn’t but offer a warm welcome to the latest Turk to the City of Manchester. Manchester City has signed a young Turkish forward, aged 18, called Enes Unal.

Who? I might hear you say. Well a track record of prolific netting – Turkey u16s 24 goals in 25 games; and 170 in 102 matches in the Coca Cola Academy League means he certainly has the pedigree and an eye for goal! A little birdy has however tweeted recently that the visa may not be a formality.

I still get excited by Turkish imports to the beautiful game – and if Fenerbache gets the right result tonight they too might travel here with the latest familiar faces of RVP and Nani.


Brilliant – combines two cities I love: MANCHESTER and ISTANBUL and features client I introduced Manchester Taxi Tours.

A tale of two Cities

Okay let’s not split hairs, I know that only one is Manchester City and the other Manchester United – but the headline is used to take two perceptions on recruitment from two teams both of which think it’s their City.

I share with you a personal experience of each and leave you to think which was the right approach?  Certainly if you subscribe to ‘relationship marketing’ and longevity of loyalty only one fits the bill for me.

I take my Son to the Etihad Stadium for the first time (having been rebuked a sufficient number of times from following Dad’s team!).  The receptionist answers the phone and one learning it was his first visit says he will get a ‘City Card’ with his own name on – naturally adding to their database in doing so.  But what goes to follow is: entry for only £5, a free first team shirt (name on reverse was extra) and a goody bag swiftly following in the post.  Great!

Compare with ‘the Theatre of Dreams’.  First you had to become a Member at: £22 (card included).  Then buy a ticket admittedly £10 – so again value. But we really wanted to go to the Real Madrid replay and so had to enter a ballot.  Some weeks’ later we were notified that we had been unsuccessful.  Then an SMS arrives saying go to the website to get tickets.  We have to again register on that site. And after tooing and froing it says you are not eligible to buy tickets. Great!!

Tuppeny trouble

It was unfortunate that this Weekend’s Manchester Derby between “City” and “United” had all the wrong headlines after a coin thrown from the crowd cut the brow of Manchester United’s defender Rio Ferdinand.  The incident, naturally regretted by Manchester City, has resulted in continuous debate over the way to avoid any repeats in future English matches.

Some have said disposal of coins before entering stadia (not really practical, when change comes from purchases inside); erection of netting (reduces the visibility for spectators), polymer screens (same problem though dirt or scratching ‘blurs’ visibility further).  In the latter case, surely an opportunity for a scratch proof alternative?

I for one just hope that we don’t return to the worst games in our beautiful game when hooligan was rife.  There would be no end to the implications and the common-place shields escorting players and officials off the pitch, as in Turkey, could be the next step.

All this in the Week when we consider a reintroduction of standing areas in football stadia.

As to the fact they still search for the culprit I am amazed.  After recently seeing the accuracy and clarity of modern-day CCTV in sporting venues as witnessed in a private viewing of Avigilon technology – they can now focus on each fan to detect the smallest detail.  I predict whoever launched the two pence will be caught!