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What players to sign?

An interesting insight by experienced data analysts and economists was found in reading “Soccernomics” by Kuper and Szymanski (2012). This the updated version to the original text in ‘Why England lose’.


At Ballon Sports Agency, Russ and Adrian recognise value in analysis and many of our co-founder’s students have entered such roles in EFL and Non-league appointments.


For thought provoking purposes only, we cite a few of the findings from the authors’ sample and dataset.


  1. More heads are better than one in making that final decision


  1. The best time to buy a player is when he/she is in his/her early twenties (note to Ed. we added both genders here as we are proud to represent female players at Ballon)


  1. Try not to buy centre forwards


  1. Help new recruits especially foreign players with ‘on boading’ and settling in


  1. Sell any player if offered more than he/she is worth


  1. Abstinence – sometimes a Club might not need to recruit through transfers


  1. Traditional scouting might miss talent from a fixation on one outstanding (in appearance eg. hair colour etc) on the field of play


  1. Replace your best players before you sell them


  1. Buy players with problems and help them overcome them.


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