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Crowdfunding in S’PORT

This Month sees the launch of a dedicated sports and leisure crowdfunding site by FC Sports Marketing LTD based in Cheadle Village.  Its brain child is Adrian Stores who said: “Crowdscrum (the new platform) evolved from a conceptualisation that we sought to create, whereby we represent campaigns where a ground swell of support would pursue a particular appeal – a ‘crowd’; and that momentum would gather pace from a concerted push towards the overall figure necessary to fulfill the ambitions of any project, the ‘scrum’.  So the concept is easy to grasp, and a rugby or sports theme seemed the perfect match.”

Stores led the successful crowdfunding campaign for the Stockport Metro Swimming Club that we reported on before. He was a Founder Director of Stockport Sports Trust and has spent the last thirty years in marketing and fundraising in sports.

There are a myriad of crowd funding websites on the worldwide web, both in the UK and overseas. Mr Stores further comments: “As with our two businesses, we expect that our core clientele will be the United Kingdom and Turkey.” On launch Stockport projects includes: Manchester Rugby Club under 10s based in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport Volleyball Club and two cyclists, Father and Son traveling to the Great Wall of China.  More details:

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