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Biased opinions

It strikes me as amazing that in today’s modern society we still witness discrimination and bias towards sectors of our population.

A missive from Supporters Direct brought a recent activity to my attention that necessitated a stand for equality.  The instance was a match played between Wrexham AFC and Bromley at The Glyndwr University Wrexham, Racecourse Stadium.  It was marketed and branded as a dedication to supporting ‘Football versus Homophobia’ (FvH).  FvH is an international Initiative opposing homophobia in football at all levels – from grassroots to professional clubs. It originated following Justin Fashanu’s untimely death by suicide.  This led to the formation of the ‘Justin Campaign’ in 2010.  Along with raising awareness, the Campaign has a strong focus on Art, Events, Education and Sports (including football).

Today is International Women Day.  Whilst we should be celebrating the female gender, football announces that discrimination is still rife.  A Survey in the Guardian has discovered that 25% of women working in football have suffered bullying; and the ‘Authorities’ (surprise, surprise!) are still not doing enough to address sexism in football.

The campaigning organisation, ‘Women in Football’, which published the Survey, said the game had an “ingrained, systemic problem of sexist culture” and criticised football’s institutions for not doing enough to improve it.

It reminds me what happened to the multi-coloured laces Initiative?

Thankfully at ACROBAT |FCSM and UCFB we have no such bias and are proud to be working with fantastic people from all genders and sexual orientation.  Wake up Britain – “All’s fair in love and SPORT”.

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