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You DONUT know what you’re doing

Maybe I’ve just overdosed on my Son’s birthday cake but doughnuts feature in this Month’s post.

Both, the sensitivities of brand values and exposure are highlighted.

A Hull branch of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts made a school-boy error while promoting activities for children on ‘half-term’ break. It took to social media to promote the week of fun which included Funday Monday, Colouring Tuesday and KKK (Krispy Kreme Klub) Wednesday. Unfortunately, the initials of the racist Klu Klux Klan were not well received in the Doughnut’s homeland US.

Secondly, Dunkin Donuts, one of Liverpool FC’s sponsors, had to backtrack and apologize after allowing a creative concept to appear alongside another sales promotion, in tweeting an altered version of the Club’s crest – one that replaced the sensitive Hillsborough eternal flames with images of milkshakes.

Seems like there could be ‘a hole in’ the social media strategies of these giants


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