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Is the game still ‘working’?

Agreed to help Follower on Twitter (that’s all I know) in his dissertation but sounds an interesting debate.  He says:

“This study is specific to the current 20 English Premier League club fan base. The online questionnaire is for a dissertation project exploring modern English Premier League fans and club culture. The aim of the study is to examine football fans perception surrounding the current state of the EPL and examine fans perceptions about supporting there chosen EPL club.

By completing the questionnaire you are agreeing to participate within the study, which is due to be completed within April 2015. The information you provide within this study is confidential and submitted anonymously. Information provided will be used for the purpose of this study only, information provided will not be shared with others and will be not shared with a third party. Also please remember you are free to withdraw from the study at any point.”

Please help if you see fit. Link at:

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