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Plan B

Why do we need an EPL ‘B League’?  An argument that I found rational suggested reinstatement of a more coherent ‘Reserves League’.  This debate appears on-going after FA chairman Greg Dyke announced the publication of his controversial report on the future of the England national team, which has angered Football League clubs

If I read it right, inserting a new league below/combined with the Conference would create another level that County would need to overcome in a desire to return to Football League status.  The pyramid has served us so well for years, why this need for a sudden change, that only Brendan Rogers at Liverpool have I heard support the initiative.  If a combined solution, surely the ‘playing field would not be level’ with the differential between revenues of EPL and lower league/non-league enterprises.

The 72 English Football League clubs have rejected a proposal by the Football Association for the B teams of Premier League sides to play in the lower divisions.  It might be a structure that has been incorporated in other countries – but again I have to say why change here?  Does it really afford an opportunity for reserve players to be better prepared resulting in a more competitive National squad?

A more favoured section of the report appears the indication that it is time to revisit the synthetic surface in certain stadia as a playing surface.

The Football Association has now sanctioned the use of 3G artificial pitches in the FA Cup from next season.  Prior,  such surfaces couldn’t be used after the First Round Proper under the FA’s current rules. The decision to allow third generation surfaces from 2014-15 will be welcomed by clubs who rely on their more sustainable running costs.  They have been favoured to get more usage, community engagement and thus more monies in.

An additional, somewhat humorous anecdote (at least if it’s not your club!) is that maybe the centre circle and penalty spots  may be more durable and prevent the sort of theft experienced at Blyth Spartans.


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