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So ‘JG’ was sacked yesterday after a poor run of form. Defeat to Mansfield being the last straw.  The decision was never going to be popular.  A West Brom representative has posted on Facebook that it was an understandable, but not necessarily right, move.  Oldham supporters on the same forum are saying that they cannot believe that County have removed their equivalent to ‘Joe Royle’.

Whilst, I’ve not always applauded his every move.  He certainly was a fans favourite. 

But in County there’s more wrong than just Jim Gannon.  I never thought I’d say it but I’m rapidly falling out of love with the set-up.  I’ll always be a County-fan (and will not stray to other teams apart from taking my Son to watch the ‘reds’).  Just lost faith in the people running our club.

Confidential data is still leaking out of Stockport County.  Meetings still going on behind officials’ and shareholders’ backs.  I’m pleased to report I’m not involved in any and have indeed resigned from the Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative.  A new CEO has been appointed.  I’ve met him once and he was pleasant enough and well-connected. The fear is that he might not have the experience and strength to be anything other than a ‘mouthpiece’ for Spencer Fearn.  As a top journalist said to me tonight: “where now for the club?”

As to me, I’m working on projects with a focus in the main around sponsorship and licensing including for some of the top brand names and football clubs in the World (a million miles from Edgeley and its’ woes!) as defined in the Deloitte’s “Football Finance Report” and Brand Finance’s “Sporting Brands 2012” intelligence.

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