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Abject marketing

I’ve ‘banged the drum’ for sometime about the inadequacies of marketing and commercial activities at many a lower league operation.  It was interesting to note this Week, Marketing Week’s article that suggested: “Football clubs have earned billions from sponsorship and broadcast rights but their approach to marketing is often as abject as England’s performance against Italy.”

Next Year is the 20th anniversary of the Premier League. Since BSkyB’s deals injected large sums into the game through broadcast rights, English football has changed.  But in my opinion, some still accept this as the status quo without any contingency should the deal be removed from the table.  Unlikely, maybe just yet, unless a rival bids (thus, monies remain) – but there were debates on the Scottish game with a refusal of New Rangers FC’s admission in to the SPL or even a move South of the border.  How quick would a return to the predicament of clubs post ITV Digital’s demise be seen?

Reliant on BSkyB, stadiums, ticketing, corporate boxes and especially players’ wages have spiraled. Even some of the “big boys” have seen some income reductions resorting to new tactics and territories.  I’ve just been offered a Contract with one to prospect and negotiate deals in a Middle Eastern terrain.

Despite the economy the call upon pockets of the fan-base will not be restrained. New kits, new seasons. County’s ‘Mad Hatters’ pricing failed – and personally I didn’t find the compromise an attractive marketing proposition.  BSP fixtures tomorrow, new kit the week after.  Hope it’s not along the 1883 leisure brand launched as casual wear.  Understand the reasoning but it could have been better IMVHO.  Why not listen to all fans – although a couple of branding novelties may have a role in modern day offerings.  What did you think? (1) Refreshing the Oldham Athletic badge for commercial propositions (2) a ‘real’ line for the Liverpool 3rd kit as Warrior clothing stamps its’ mark.

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