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In the big County

The inspiration for today’s post comes from Save The Mighty Imps.  The subject of interest is the ‘ups and downs’, namely promotion and relegation, from the Blue Square Premiership (BSP).  A motion has been tabled for a four up four down remodelling to end of season protocol. 

Apparently, Stockport County is one of the ‘big 8’ that seeks modifications in the desire to try and orchestrate a swift return to league status.  This along with: Luton, Wrexham, Hereford, Mansfield, Macclesfield, Lincoln and Grimsby.

I have alluded to the exacerbation of financial woes associated with a drop to BSP.  Luton Town having missed out in this Year’s play offs final state: “each season spent out of the League is costing them £1M”.

Not only am I delighted that County is still referred to as ‘big’ (though our attendances have been a credit in BSP) but if this new system were to be adopted of course the probability of one of these big ones returning would increase.  When will this decision be ratified or not?  Has anyone seen minutes from the latest BSP AGM?

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