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Moon and star

I’ve heard it said that the Turks like “Pompey” or Portsmouth Football Club – in the main from a resemblance between the Turkish flag and that Club’s badge.  Football Management blog recounts the various errors in judgement that have struck that Club – and unfortunately it’s another Club that has been hit hard like my beleaguered “County”.

A supporters’ trust is campaigning for fans to have a substantial stake and representation on the Club’s Board of Directors. The background surrounds Portsmouth’s second stint in administration (in a two years period); plus Owner, Vladimir Antonov, has been arrested for alleged fraud in Lithuania.

A spokesman has said: “The Pompey Supporters’ Trust believe the time has come for Portsmouth Football Club to be owned by the city and community, and a new model of ownership should be developed which will make sure the shameful events of the past few years are not repeated.”

The scale of debt is immense and even if some progress can be made, it is noted that the creditors include the former owner, Balram Chainrai (£17M) and Antonov (£10.8M).

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