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Jigsaw pieces

Stockport County Jigsaw

So Tony Evans is the new Owner at “County”.  The article suggests his first step will be to bring in Bell Pottinger.  Well it doesn’t take a genius to know on a commercial basis that their fees wouldn’t be viable in a non-league (or even lower league) environment.  However, if yesterday’s ‘scoop’ is anything to go by they may be in need of even more PR help if the rumours are found to be true.

@nonleagueshow has suggested that Evans may be a front man for Stephen Vaughan.  Known for the wrong reasons in football especially more recently at Chester City FC (R.I.P).

Rob Dawson at Manchester Evening News said about the imminent takeover “They’ve gone about things in a very professional way, which can only be a good thing.” 

If the belief is founded then I really worry.  You only need to read the award winning football blog “Football Management” to witness facts about some of the characters behind the scenes.

Just had it confirmed by a Stockport County employee that one of Vaughan’s right hand men is now running the Club’s Training Ground.  Are the pieces in this nightmare starting to fall in to place or may a clearer less alarming picture come out?

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