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Recently, discovered the Football Blog Directory.  It does exactly as it says on the tin. 

It has listed “S’PORT” (this blog) under the category of Stockport County – which of course, I support, but regular browsers will appreciate we are even more besides. For any passionate football people generally interested in the musings of other fans, mainly with allegiances from around the UK, though opinions related to football worldwide, in the words of good old Nike (not in favour with County at the moment) ‘just do it!’.

To pick on a few for no rationale reason, the following have caught my eye:
Rochdale fan’s blog “Girl on a Terrace” particularly liked the ‘my top ten worst football shirts’.  Was that Mexican goalkeeper sponsored by Johnstone’s Paints?

Fellow “County” supporter’s “Bin bag full of rubbish”.  Are you a football mongrel?

“The hand of blog” (connotation of Maradona in case you needed it pointing out?  Not to be confused with the ‘In bed with Maradona blog’). Interesting that Forest Green are likened to ‘Harry Houdini’.

and finally “Jumpers for goalposts” and “Two footed tackle” with its strapline “Going studs up into the world of football”.

Especially like the Football Blog Directory as it lists Stockport County as a League Two team when apparently not even the BSP has formally accepted us yet.

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  1. I’ve only just stumbled across this post – only 5 months late (that’s not too bad by my standards) – so thanks very much for the plug 🙂

    On a less happy note, you may have noticed that Stockport have now been relegated on the directory to BSP now that I finally caught up with the backlog (and inbetween juggling the day job).

    You are listed under ‘General football’ too so that you’re not just there for Stockport fans. I hope your visit to the non-league realm doesn’t last too long, but while you’re there why not spread the word about the directory to other non-league teams as I’m always looking out for new submissions.

    THanks again for the plug and keep up the good work with your blog.

    November 22, 2011

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