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Vernon Bear

So National media today publishes an interest in investment by GHA (Glenn Hoddle Academy) to Stockport County.  No surprises where this might have come from with the Tottenham connection.  A strategic alliance ‘yes’ but takeover ‘not sure’.  With ‘Wardy’ and ‘Lordy’ currently in post, the indigenous team are more than capable of continuing their already impressive record of talent spotting and developing youth.  I could even assist with my Turkish connections. 

My fear is the amount of times that unfounded or unscrupulous characters crawl out to express a desire in owning a football club.  I have witnessed it many times with some household names expressing a potential bid but our ‘due diligence’ actually confirming that they haven’t got a “pot to piss in”.  

The latest publicity will appeal to the fans, but I offer a word of caution on premature excitement.  If some of the characters supposedly involved are true, then I’m already nervous. And claims of Council-relationships that mean an iconic new stadium cause me concern – as that’s not what I’ve heard. 

Whilst, it’s rare for me to agree with much that “County” do these days, I do think that “show me the money” and an honest and robust appraisal is fundamental.

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