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Turkish Fan S'PORT

It’s for precise this reason my friends say it’s not ‘Turkey’ its ‘Turkiye’ in their native tongues. But “why Turkey”? Ouch, that question pains me. This because, Steve Bellis (ex-“County” Marketing Manager) utters these same words in a not so professional video that we jointly made for a ‘no-star’ hotel which we managed to save in that Country. We actually received a nomination from the Chartered Institute of Marketing for this venture under the theming of “Marketing on a shoestring”. The video even featured in my English wedding (as opposed to the Turkish one – to the same wife!) courtesy of Martin Bellis (ex-“County” Commercial Department and the original Vernon Bear) who had it broadcast with humorous dubbing to boot. 

The story is well-known about being taken to Turkey by Steve many years ago. Later came my adoption of a Turkish footballer and then marriage to a Turk. I now own a business in that Country advising football clubs such as Galatasaray, Fenerbache and Besiktas. My father in law, Necati, cherishes his visits to Edgeley Park and fondly recalls the warmth of welcome and singing to the Turkish party on their first ever visit. Bilen, my brother-in-law, has caught the bug and shares my infection for “County”. Even when we had Premier League tickets he would turn them down in preference for attending the heady heights of the likes of Spotland etc (away games). Maybe there should be an extended family version of our hymn to “The scarf my brother-in-law wore”? Some might say his ailment is now contagious, it’s certainly incurable, as he’s started a Stockport County-branded blog in Turkey, in Turkish – which can now boast, after a recent airing, ‘as seen on TV’. County fans get everywhere.

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