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Deloitte reports

It’s that time again – the birth of “Deloitte Football Money League 2011” report. Now in its 14th year, often an interesting barometer on football finance and good PR for Deloitte!

You can download the Report.  Some key contents:

(1)    The full ranking of the top 20 Money League clubs including total revenues and the breakdown of the three sources – matchday, broadcast and commercial incomes. 

(2)    Feature article assesses each of the three key revenue streams, listing the top 20 clubs for each, whilst comparing and contrasting these lists with the overall top 20.

In the English Premier League (EPL), clubs posted an all-time high with losses of £445M.  This, the result despite generating record income of £2Bn.  Though note with a time lag in reporting the analysis relates to pre-tax losses in financial year 2009-2010. Of the top 7 clubs in EPL only Arsenal made an actual profit! Is Wolverhampton Wanderers the UK’s top football club? 

A Division below, the Championship League shows a similar trend with £133M losses.  There are plans to adopt “in principle” financial rules similar to those designed by European soccer’s governing body, UEFA. This it is envisaged will reduce insolvencies in the game. Watch this space?  Too many ills in my view to expect improved health in English football overnight, without a new and improved ‘medication’!!