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Clear Blue Skies Over Edgeley

… But Cloud Over Football

Today heralded Port Vale Football Club entering Administration – a status, all too familiar to fans of Stockport County.  This is the 92nd insolvency in the top five divisions of English football since 1992. The equivalent of the entire top-four divisions of English professional football!

The Football Authorities have also just released their joint response to the recommendations of the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee Inquiry and the Government’s input on improving the regulation and governance of English football. At this stage, Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative seeks to emphasise that the proposals are not what we were hoping for. Although they have proposed the introduction of a licensing system, in our view, this stage of the reform process only addresses the ‘principle of licensing’ and thus, doesn’t go far enough.

We endorse the opinions of Supporters Direct and its proposals on this matter, including a clear proposal for supporter-engagement through supporters’ trusts. Stockport County Supporters Co-operative is part of a wider movement of organisations, under this umbrella body, established by supporters of football clubs now stretching not just across England, or the UK, but also across Europe. Ashley Simpson, Chair at the Co-operative commented: “If the substantive issues are not addressed, we fully expect the current trend of insolvencies and financial strife affecting football to continue.”

Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative and Supporters’ Direct welcomes proposals in the football industry that can help supporters’ trusts to increase their influence in club governance and ownership.

This is a press release that I prepared for the Co-operative. The full stance on governance from Supporters Direct is available at:

‘Port to ‘Port by Bike

On Saturday 17th March 2012, Stockport County supporters are getting on their bikes for the “County Charity Cycle” to raise money for good causes.  The bike ride will follow a route from Stockport County FC’s stadium at Edgeley Park to Southport FC’s ground at Haig Avenue, ahead of the fixture between both teams in the Blue Square Premier League.  Co-ordinated by County fans, Russ Johnson, David Roe and Adrian Stores; and Amanda Brown from St Ann’s Hospice, the event will raise money for St Ann’s Hospice and Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative.

Catering for leisurely, fun cyclists and more seasoned riders, the ride is open to all who want to join in.  Anyone wishing to take part should be 16 years of age or over.  Cost of entry is £15 and all riders gain free entry into the match, courtesy of Southport Football Club. Southport’s Director and Commercial Manager, Haydn Preece, comments: “Of course we will give free entry for those cycling as fundraisers on the day”. The selected route covers a total of 46.7 miles, and is flat.

The generous sponsors assisting the County Charity Cycle include Bullocks and P Fahey & Sons (who will return the cyclists and their bikes respectively to Stockport), Parfetts, Life Leisure and Decathlon. County’s Commercial Manager, Rob Clare said “I think a cycle ride to Southport sounds like a good idea and St Ann’s Hospice would appreciate some extra support”. He has agreed to cycle himself.  The leading fundraisers from males and females will receive a special, limited edition “26 – Cycling” 3 piece kit from the Olympic Range of clothing kindly donated by Adidas.  More details are available at: 

St Ann’s Hospice provides care and support to people with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers. All its services are free of charge and it has to raise £16,000 each day to provide these.  St Ann’s Hospice cares and helps around 3,000 patients (over the age of 16) every year affected by cancer and non-cancer life limiting illnesses. The Hospice provides care on three sites and in people’s own homes, working in partnership with acute hospitals, primary care trusts, community services and voluntary organisations. St Ann’s Hospice celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011. St Ann’s Hospice is the adopted Charity of Stockport County Football Club in 2012-2013.

Stockport County Supporters Co-operative is the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of Stockport County Football Club, with objectives to strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community which it serves.  It is organising a variety of community initiatives and shows that supporters are working to preserve the Club, which it sees as a vital asset of the community of Stockport, for future generations.

Your Town Your Team

Since the last post, things surrounding fans-involvement at “County” have gathered pace. The Stockport County Supporters Co-operative has been busy since our AGM heralded the desire amongst various fan groups to work together and unify under one banner – in “County’s’ time of need. The banner that has been adopted is a refreshed campaign under “Your Town Your Team”.

In collaboration, our supporters will play a more active role in the running of the Club, either by offering volunteer support, fund raising or running the Club. All plans are consistent with the objectives at the Co-op. Proposals are to unfold and all members (or would be members) are invited to join other supporters’ groups and the Co-op on Saturday 5th November immediately after the match.

Former Manager, Jim Gannon has aligned himself with the cause and comments: “We’re calling on every fan past and present to be a part of building a bright future for County. There’s a role for everyone who is willing or able to help restore the passion and pride of our club.”

More information or enquiries to:

Welcome Chair

‘Clear Blue Skies’ thought the article to be somewhat “terse”, so rather than let it go to waste, I publish a short interview with new Chair to Stockport County Supporters’ Trust, Ashley Simpson:

A lot of people have a similar background as supporters and season ticket holders but very few show an interest in the Co-op. What prompted you to get involved?

I am committed to Stockport County and have been dedicated to the ‘Co-op concept’ for some time. I am also Vice-Chair of Manchester and District’s Executive Committee of the Co-operative Party; and work as a consultant on behalf of the Co-operative College, specialising in membership development of the network of Co-operative Schools throughout the Country.

For those who have lost interest or simply don’t know, what is the Supporters Co-op? Isn’t it just a continuation of the trust, whose ownership saw us fall into administration?

Some supporters may ask why the need still for a supporters’ co-operative?  The simple reason is the fundamental principle that a football club is better off if there is a healthy, balanced and constructive relationship with its’ supporters and the community it serves.  Supporters-Direct have recently said in stressing the importance of regrouping and changing to respond to future needs, that the Co-op is “from the fans, those who understand most of all what matters about their football club……. owners, players and managers come and go but the fans are constant is a truism”.

Since administration, the Co-op has been quietly working behind the scenes. What is the vision of the current board? Does it have any specific aims?

Under the stewardship of the out-going Chair, Graham Privett, the initial goal had to be survival and ensuring that the concept of supporters’ governance was not cast into the past – but instead grasped as to a model that can bring significant benefits to the Club.  The focus of the Co-op has been published as:

VISION: To be the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of Stockport County Football Club, and to strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community which it serves.

OBJECTIVES: To obtain a stake in Stockport County Football Club.

To have a Supporter-Director on the Board of the Club, democratically elected by all supporters

To hold the owners to account, and try to ensure that the Club is run sustainably and with mutual benefit to the local community.

PRIORITIES: To be fully prepared to take action towards these objectives should any opportunity arise

To take forward our social goals and community development

To be ready to set up and run a “phoenix” club if needed.

How does the board function? Who is involved, who does what and how much time is spent?

Ashley Simpson (Chair)

Mary McGee Wood (Secretary – Independent)

Pauline Lawson (Treasurer)

Graham Privett (Events)

Matt Cook (Membership)

Adrian Stores (Marketing and fundraising)

Mark Savery (Accounts and website communications)

Ian Watts (Affiliate – Heritage/SCAN)

Involvement is via formal Board Meetings, Development Days, conference calls and getting together on matchdays. All directors are volunteers and committed to the principles above. Each has a portfolio of activities that are addressed on a weekly basis.

What do you say to those who dismiss the idea of fan organisations such as the SCFC Co-op? Why is it important to put aside prejudices from the previous regime?

Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative is part of a wider movement of organisations established by supporters of football clubs now stretching not just across England, or the UK, but also across Europe.  I believe “Co-operation” is the most sustainable business model due to the 7 values and principles which underpin a Co-operative enterprise. This vehicle enables football fans to have the ultimate voice on how their football club is run, thus enabling them to fulfil their own destiny in their community.

For more information about the Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative, including how to join: visit the website at