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Sacre bleu

A stereotypical curse associated with French people – when actually they never use it.  A bit like the guaranteed onions around the necks, striped sweat shirts and berets – somethings only non-French people think is typical of France.  Anyway now that I’ve got your attention let’s talk about football in France.  PSG as an outside bet on Champions League – No – we’re talking strikes, and believe me this population knows how to mount a strike!

Clubs in the Country are threatening to strike unless they are declared exempt from the 75%, so-called “super tax” on anyone earning more than one million euros in a given year.  The Tax, which would in fact be a liability of the clubs rather than the players, could cost 44M for the relevant two years period.  Government ministers say it is only fair to apply the tax to football clubs in the same way as any companies whose employees earn more than a million euros face that same levy.

The death of French football?