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Red mist

A term often used in connection with someone ‘losing their head’ and an impulsive reaction (sometimes regretted).  In this case I use it in connection with the loss of 96 lives, never to be forgotten, 23 years ago in Hillsborough.  Also, a double meaning with the ‘mist’ of despair rising slightly as families of the deceased seek justice. 

How ever you look at the events and the recent findings there were a catalogue of errors that led to people dying.  I heard the guesstimates on how many lives could potentially have been saved with swifter reaction by medical and emergency services.  I am appalled to even recite again.  That evidence and witness statements were falsified and tampered with has to result in penalties for some – but what a ridiculous amount of time has passed since the actual events – and the saga is destined to continue. 

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Football fans lost their lives at a sporting event!