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eBay #FootballFinance

What next #footballfinance Basingstoke FC up for sale on ebay

Though Seller has no history on ebay??? Oh hang on a minute, it’s just a publicity stunt!

Though why not I say.  I’m aware of all sorts of fundraising, many often not traditional, but as someone once said “unusual results can require unusual methods”.  And personally I’m all for it if both ethical and helps a Client secure its financial and fundraising targets.

It’s County!

Liking this story when an eBay, Charity auction was instigated with full expectation that one of the Manchester Giants might be highest bidder.  The deal, one that the winner could nominate this little person’s choice of football team to follow.  The actual top amount was from a County fan and we now have another supporter.  See earlier video below.

Some great publicity for the Club and a clear message portrayed that there is life outside the EPL!




Caught Offside

Parent Dish