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Top returns

If you add the turnover of every club in the EPL (English Premier) it has now reached the massive figure of £2.03 Bn.  Next year it is estimated to be over £2.2 Bn.  This market intelligence comes from Deloitte (who else?).  Is it any surprise that these teams search for ways to make token gestures to football further down the pyramid by means of grants!

The 20th Annual Review of Football Finance further announced that the whole European football market grew to a record £13.3 Bn. Constituent ‘slices of the pie’ were: Germany (£1.4 Bn), Spain and Italy (£1.3 Bn) and France (£0.9 Bn). All noticeably less than EPL.  Warning signs continue with EPL wage costs rising by £64M but sales revenues just £49M.  Now there is a record wages to revenue ratio of 68%. 

Returns are on a high yet fundamental flaws in sustainability and financial viability mean a ‘slight wind change’ can sink the ship aka ‘Pompey’ (though with additional excruciating factors).