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Fancy giving us a hand?

Have you thought about what the growing sport of handball can do for your business?

An exciting, high scoring, action packed team sport. Engage with this National Governing Body (NGB) and reach your audience(s), achieve your objectives and develop the sport.

One of the most rapidly growing pastimes in England. In 2010, there were 25 school-based teams – now over 1,400 all baring testimony to its popularity. As more people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and abilities are attracted, we are witnessing growing interest in the sport, to broadcasting by digital marketing platforms and televised feeds. A truly inclusive sport from governance to grass roots.

There is an array of fabulous, opportunities for partnerships, which includes the whole sports development continuum from Premier League, National, Regional levels to Schools. England Handball has traditionally embraced partnerships in a productive manner. We encourage you to watch the video below and get in touch with me to request a brochure via:

We want a Premier Sponsor and Foundation Partners as we start the next campaign of building the sport further and devising a sustainable future for the next generation of handball players.


Salford: Buzzing and Remembering

A year after the atrocities and Manchester bombing, community-focused, Salford Red Devils Rugby League Club, opens its doors again to welcome back some of those young people and families who suffered. The tone of the video illustrates all that is good about this great Club and encourages businesses to come and join forces to see what can be achieved together. More information:

Three Cheers for Marlow Braide

The aged, under 10s squad of children at Manchester Rugby are literally celebrating after they received new kits courtesy of the generous sponsorship by Edgeley-based solicitors Marlow Braide.  Pictured alongside is the boys cheering this kind gesture with Founder and Owner, Rachael Braide.

Adrian Stores, Head of Partnerships at the Club said: “Manchester Rugby Club is very grateful for the support and sponsorship Marlow Braide has provided the Club this Season. Rachael Braide has supported one of the younger age groups and through acknowledging the Mini and Junior section  maybe helped the next generation of Manchester Rugby Club Senior players and hopefully a few more Premiership and England Stars.”

Manchester Rugby Club is a club rich with tradition dating back to 1860. The support of Marlow Braide has enabled the traditional kit of the Club, cherry and white hoops, to be restored.  Manchester Rugby Club was honoured to have been named Rugby World Club of the Year.  It is the second oldest rugby union club in the World.  The strong community commitment is clear with teams from Under 7s to Senior Rugby, for men, women, girls and boys. The Club has the whole range of teams that not many clubs can boast. The Mini and Junior (M&J) section has recently produced some amazing talent with 4 Premiership rugby players (more than any other club in England) and 6 England players in the last 5 years.

Marlow Braide is a growing Stockport legal practice with a commitment to helping local community projects  Rachael a qualified solicitor since 1999 concentrates on personal injury, employment law, medical negligence and holiday claims. More details:

Sports Education – Top Down

As an educationalist, I’m always keen to learn about new programmes offered to prospective students – be they under-graduate or post -graduate or experienced from the ‘university of life’ in sports. My own University, Manchester Metropolitan University, has made great strides with excellent students, the outcome from such degrees as sports marketing and sports management, where I teach. The Masters in Sports Directorship (MSD) delivered in conjunction with VSi has been an extension, doing ‘exactly as it says on the tin’ preparing executives for roles as sporting directors.

This Week from my Company’s, ACROBAT FCSM, work in Salford we have been observing the creation of another ground breaking offering, the first ever, MSc, quasi-MBA, for aspirational or established CEOs in sports and leisure industries by University of Salford.

To share more, we have been given permission to replicate, an article written by VSi on this latest offering:

“This is a pioneeering first with an MBA level programme designed for elite leaders with aspirations to become a Chief Executive in the world of sport.

Managing eye-watering exponential financial growth, increasing corporate governance responsibilities and the demands of challenging club owners and Chairmen has resulted in the skills of a CEO becoming more important than ever.

Recruitment agents are acutely aware that candidates for the CEO role, in any sport, will operate under intense media scrutiny and must be able to hit the ground running with little time afforded to those from outside the industry who may need many months adapting to the fundamentals of the job.

“VSi understand the industry of sport and executive education. Armed with this knowledge they can truly innovate and be the market leaders in executive sports education. Following on from the success of their sporting directors course it’s genuinely exciting that they’re creating a high level programme to develop CEO’s”

Darren Simmons, Managing Director, Executives in Sport

VSi set about delivering the sort of education through its Masters Degree In Sporting Directorship that would satisfy the recruitment market’s demands. Four cohorts of elite athletes, coaches and managers have already studied on the VSi programmes which was taught initially in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and subsequently with the Centre for Sport Business located at the heart of Manchester’s hi-tech Media City.

Leading academics including Professor Chris Brady and Professor Simon Chadwick along with industry experts have helped catapult the program’s status and secured industry wide recognition as a must have qualification for those seeking to secure key leadership positions around sporting operations.

VSi’s Tony Faulkner reaffirms this by stating that : “Sport is now recognising the absolute need to adopt formal corporate structuring with talented, highly educated individuals in all the key leadership positions. The Chief Executive is at the top of the tree and the market is demanding that this individual must have knowledge and skills bespoke to sport.”

“VSi has been working over the last 12 months with leading academics and industry professionals to create this pioneering MBA for Chief Executives in sport. Our passion has always been to provide a pathway for current and former athletes into executive roles within sport. Marrying their experiences of competitive sport with an educational grounding in business is our purpose” . 

Professor Chris Brady who is the academic lead for the programme (pictured above with Cristiano Ronaldo) states: “During my years of interviewing CEOs from major corporations, SMEs, sporting organisations and even military leaders the one common lament was that “there’s no school for CEOs”. They realise that they are often thrust into a leadership position without any preparation for the role. They would probably have welcomed the existence of such a course.”

To learn more about the CEO education programmes contact:

Funding and scholarships may be available.