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the S’PORT vlog 2 – Timur Direkler #football [July 2020]

S’PORT vlog with an interview of Turkish ‘Sporting Director’.  We educated him in the true meaning of his name.  In turn, he shared the transition from officiating in the Super Lig to returning to grassroots refereeing in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.  The highs and lows of being an intermediary were explored and finally the latest quest to acquiring, building and launching his own football club, close to his home Town of Izmir. Of enjoyment to anyone interested in football and sports in general – and interviewed by Host, Adrian Stores of who couldn’t resist the occasional bit of banter in the native tongue. 

the S’PORT vlog 1 – Rafal Lojewski #volleyball [July 2020]

The inaugural S’PORT vlog with an interview of the Coach at Stockport Volleyball Club ( Embracing everything from ski to ska, difficulties when people think you need to earn your stripes, the collaboration between Turkey and Poland, swimming against the tide and aspirations post-coronavirus. Of enjoyment to anyone interested in volleyball and sports in general – and interviewed by Host, Adrian Stores of on a rainy day. Light-hearted listen with occasional faux pas, but as is proclaimed within: “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”


We are delighted to welcome Marcin Mols to the S’PORT for its 2020-21 volleyball season. The intuitive engagement and intervention of Coach Rafal, facilitated this transfer in conjunction with Chairman, Adrian.

Marcin is a coup to be recruited to the Stockport ambitious Squad. He is pictured here, photo courtesy of KS Metro Warsaw.

In demand from several clubs, we are honoured that he will represent and become an Ambassador for the S’PORT.  Marcin is finalising his Studies at Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Białystok. Volleyball has been his life since starting playing at age 12 years’ old. Men’s Club Captain, Adam Mitchell who has witnessed his playing videos has said: “No way. Happy days. Very very very good player” about our securing our first new signing.

Career history, starting with most recent: KS Metro Warszawa, UKS Centrum Augustów, SKS Hajnówka and Mlekpol MOSiR Grajewo. Position Outside Hitter.

Corona Cycle

Everything we do, we do for you. And we did it on two wheels, with a charity bike ride!  Our World in 2020 has been turned upside down with the pandemic of  coronavirus (Covid 19).  Of course, we have religiously clapped for the front-line workers, the NHS, who put their lives on the line day-in, day-out, for the health of the Nation.  To that end it was only correct that the first beneficiary from Stockport-businessman, Adrian Stores and Son, Kaya, pupil of Cheadle Hulme High School (Laurus) should be Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund (Critical Care Unit – and also Tree House Paediatric Unit [Registered charity number 1048661]).

As well as families and lives being decimated by the virus – individuals and communities nationwide have felt isolated and in fear of lockdown, as they anxiously await for some kind of normality to resume.  Volleyball clubs thoughout the Country have naturally ceased all activities, and we have witnessed the social-exclusion and damage to health and welfare, when for some volleyball is their escape and only social interaction in daily lives and routines.  The landscape has suggested that some clubs may never return from this challenge, as it was both unexpected and unprecedented for any organisation.  Thus, Volleyball England Foundation [Registered charity number 1138864] is the second beneficary.

Finally, continuing the theme of keeping it local, we have selected our very own, not for profit enterprise, Stockport Volleyball Club, started by Adrian and Kaya in 2015, as a recipient of an equal share of any funds.  It is one of the fastest growing clubs in the Country, uses four venues throughout the Borough, bringing exercise and recreation to children and adults of all ability, people of varying genders, ages and ethic origin.  A phenomenal ‘vehicle’ for bringing joy and structure in lives in Stockport and Manchester.

The monies raised were through Adrian Stores and Kaya Stores embarking on an estimated forty mile commitment (around 20 miles each) this Weekend. Neither are cyclists, so this ‘My Corona Challenge’ really was that, a challenge!

The route was topical and embraced a start at Cheadle Hulme School where our National Volleyball League (NVL) Men and Women train. From their we travel to The Seashell Trust. The locality where Stockport Volleyball all started in 2015, and still home to our comunity adults and juniors.  A bit of a trek follows to Edgeley Park (Home of Stockport County), a logical stop given its pivotal position as the main sporting venue in the Borough.  The challenge reaches its peak, at least in height, with an ascent up to 475 feet to Life Leisure’s Brinnington Park Leisure Comples, where our NVL and Local League Teams compete. Life Leisure was generous sponsor to the cycle ride.

Then on the homeward-straight via the ‘real heroes’, Stepping Hill Hospital, before completing the circuit where we started.

All proceeds, 100%, will be forwarded to the three beneficaries without any deduction for administration or transaction fees.  Do please remember every little really does help.  Still time to make a donation to these worthwhile causes.

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