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Brilliant – combines two cities I love: MANCHESTER and ISTANBUL and features client I introduced Manchester Taxi Tours.

Greek Giants

I watched Olympiakos FC’s fans hanging banners and scarves on the main gate at Anfield this Week.  Purely, a photograph opportunity before travelling the M62 to the ‘Theatre of Dreams” (home to Manchester United FC).  It made me wonder if any attention had been given to the fact that both Galatasaray (Turkey) and Olympiakos (Greece) had entered our little Island for European fixtures this same week?

I’m only guessing there must have been some rivalry over the years between these big teams of sometimes opposing Nations.  Certainly, in basketball a recent fixture kicked off – after an angry, reaction by a Brit.

Football rivalry abounds worldwide. In Greece, “Olympiakos v Panathinaikos - As well as the political tension between the two sides, Olympiakos are regarded as a working-class club, and Panathinaikos are billed as eternal enemies with feuds existing across Athens as well as on the pitch”. 

Well I’ll need to learn more about any protocol both in Turkey-Greece relations; but also across the City of Athens.  I have just been appointed Global Associate for Panathinaikos FC.  The role particularly applies to Turkey and United Kingdom where I will be responsible for assisting the Club in strategic marketing and especially securing new sponsorship partnerships with significant corporates.  Panathinaikos FC is a Greek Club based in Athens. Founded in 1908, it plays in the Super League Greece and is one of the oldest and most successful teams in Greek football. It has won 20 Greek Championships and 17 Greek Cups and is the best Greek club in terms of achievements in European competitions.

Talking Turkey

Adrian Stores, Managing Director at ACROBAT Consulting & Marketing LTD and FC Sports Marketing LTD presents a case study at Salford City Stadium to delegates.  The Event was organised by Enterprise Europe Network and United Kingdom Trade and Investment More information.

Original fakes

This, the quote from a market stall salesman in propositioning passers-by at a tourist resort. It made me laugh.

As new seasons are upon us, the proliferation of fake strips and merchandise can be found around the World.  Even the attention to authentic labels and trade-marking are not preventing the creativity of would-be clothing manufacturers.  In Spain, a similar sales representative was a little more coy about unveiling the latest, fake, Barcelona kit for my 7 year old.  In Turkey, the Barcelona replicas were on full view on pre-prepared mannequins.  £10 for a shirt for the new season (and shorts thrown in, too). No doubt another factor in the demise of such as JJB Sports as publicised this week, reporting poor sales of replica football kits.

I recall a few years back the then Managing Director of adidas quoting that the copying of its footwear whilst illegal was of a particularly good standard.  I remember a visit to one such manufacturer in Izmir where a protocol somewhat resembling the keystone cops prevailed. Any investigation required 24 hours’ notice and this resulted in a mass relocation within that timeframe leaving the authorities empty handed.

In the whole of last season, a total of £1 Million of counterfeit Premier League goods were seized, mostly at ports with goods imported from Asia. The task of preventing counterfeit goods is a multi-agency operation, including Customs, Trading Standards and a consultancy called Back Four Ltd.

If fans feel short-changed, at pricing strategies, and yet another strip is perceived as profiteering, can we really be surprised that a less-official alternative might become attractive?  A challenge for clubs and retailers to ‘compete’ and add value.


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