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Mersey ferry

Mersey Ferry Stockport

It reminds me of that old pub quiz question: “Which professional football club is closest to the Mersey?” (Obviously, asked before last season).  Punters ponder over Liverpool or Everton, or then could it be Tranmere – when the answer is in fact that it’s actually Stockport County. 

Yesterday’s pre-season friendly was a victory over Accrington Stanley, and at Edgeley Park. My elation was somewhat deflated by a wondering about the regime running ‘County’ and our future.  I’m just one supporter in a sea of blue and white that could have our fears removed by just a little more light on the facts.  You’ll recall I wrote about it before and National Media has continued pushing at that door since.

I suppose that it’s this ‘not knowing’ that means we continue to have reservations, despite the lads on the field putting it all in this fixture.  Scepticism breeds the worst accusations – and I note that of five new signings, Ryan Fraughan, John Miles, Sean McConville, John Nolan – they have come from Liverpool, Fazackerley, Liverpool and Huyton respectively.  Are we ferrying them in from Merseyside or is this just the Manager exploiting his connections?

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